Now with added flavour. Our Explore section is an online scrapbook devoted to the crab-fishing life in Cornwall. You’ll find breaking news and coastal views, video cook alongs and fisherman’s tales, our latest offers and community initiatives.


Our lively blog and news section takes you behind the scenes in deepest Cornwall. To the bustling fish markets and fish restaurants, the beaches, backwaters and off the beaten track beauty spots. We’ll tackle the burning issues of the day, reveal some fishy traditions and superstitions, and share our knowledge of all things crabby.

Three Jays

Rich and Nev secured their trusty 35-foot trawler Three Jays in Autumn 2016. It’s moored in Newlyn harbour and goes out crabbing every day, unless the waves get too frisky. The boat is skippered by James (25), one of the youngest skippers in Newlyn. He and Will (21), both local lads, fish the seas around Land’s End about two hours away. Using strings of 50 pots and six to ten strings a day, the lads bring back a small bounty of crab each trip.

Keeping it clean

Healthy seas mean healthy fish. Simple. Anyone who enjoys seafood should want that seafood to be responsibly caught in clean, unsullied waters. To this end, we’re hooking up with our friends at plasticbank.org, to see what we can do. More later. In the meantime, we’re launching a plastic off-set scheme, where we donate money based on the weight of plastic we create to remove an equal amount of plastic from the ocean. Makes sense.


Look out for special offers on our Seafood & Eat It crab range. Waitrose will next be running a special promotion in the Autumn. That’s more delicious Cornish crab for the pot.


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